When you add any new scripts or tools to your website, your page speed may be impacted. This is because you are loading more resources onto the page when a user first lands on your site.

This applies to Termly and other consent management platforms as well. At Termly, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy page speed scores and we keep this metric in mind when developing our solutions.

Termly takes all necessary precautions to reduce the impact on page speed, including:

  • minimizing content shift on first page load when the banner appears
  • deferring loading content until it’s needed wherever possible
  • minimizing the size of the assets being loaded

What causes my page speed to be impacted when installing Termly?

The most likely reason why Termly and other consent management platforms could have an impact on your page speed is that they can be configured in a way that makes them render-blocking. 

That is, your consent banner will prevent other content from loading until it is finished loading. This is by design in some scenarios so that your consent banner prevents third party scripts (that could be sending sensitive data off-site) from loading before consent is given.

Strategies to improve your page speed after installing Termly

If you are experiencing disruptions to your page speed with Termly installed, you can make these adjustments to your consent banner:

  1. 1. Turn off Auto Blocker
  2. 2. Add the async attribute to your consent banner

An embed script with these adjustments would look like this:

<script async 

Caution: If you choose to disable Auto Blocker, you must make sure to set up manual blocking for any third party scripts installed on your site. 

This ensures that you remain compliant and do not send data to third parties without your site visitors' consent

Further improvements

You can check your website’s page speed, and see potential areas for improvement by using a page speed or SEO speed checker, like Google’s pagespeed insights or GTmetrix.

With the right site optimizations, it should be possible to get a page speed score in the high 90s, even with a consent management solution such as Termly installed.