A DSAR form allows your users to edit and manage their consent to your website's usage of their data, along with other user rights. Under data privacy protection laws, you will need to ensure your users have the ability to request to access, edit, transfer, or delete their personal data. 

Termly offers a DSAR form that you can easily enable for your users from your dashboard.


1. Click on the Privacy Policy tab under Policies and click Edit in the top right corner to re-enter the policy builder.

Note: You will need a privacy policy to access your DSAR form. If you have not created a privacy policy yet, go to the Privacy Policy tab in the dashboard and click New Privacy Policy, or create your policy here.)


2. Navigate to Collection of Info in the left-side menu.

3. Select Yes to the question “Do you collect or plan to collect personal information from your users?”

Then select No, I will use Termly's service to the question “Do you provide a service that allows users to send a request to view/edit/delete their personal info stored on your site?”.

4. Click Save & Next and then Publish to update your changes.


To preview your DSAR form, scroll to the bottom of your privacy policy (you can use the preview on the dashboard). Click on the hyperlink “here” and your DSAR form should open in a new window!