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Embedding a policy on your website is easy. Simply log in to your dashboard, click on the policy you want to embed, then click on the Add To Website button. 

From here you have three options:

  • Pasting an HTML code into your website
  • Linking to a Termly generated URL
  • Embed using a code snippet.

HTML Format

To add your policy onto your website using HTML, simply copy the generated HTML code by clicking Copy To Clipboard, then pasting it onto your designated webpage. 


This is a Termly generated URL so your policies will be hosted on our platform. This ensures that any update we push through to keep you compliant will also automatically be updated on any URL link you use from us. Simply add this URL as a hyperlink to an element on your webpage.

Code Snippet

The Code Snippet is an iframe code that allows you to embed the policy into any webpage. This way you get automatic updates whenever our legal teams update the policies to keep you compliant.

The code snippet is different from the URL as it is embedded within your website and appears on the page.

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