The verify installation function helps you verify that the consent banner has been installed correctly. If you can see the consent banner on your website, it means you have successfully installed the banner.

One of the error messages TermlyAn error message you might see when installing incorrectly.

There are a few reasons you may not get a verified message.

1. The website URLs are different.

One of the most common reasons that you may see a 'failed' message is that the website URL you entered into the Website Info page is different from the website you put the code snippet on.

Code snippet verification for Termly

Please make sure you have entered the correct website URL, especially if your website URL contains “www”.

2. The code was pasted into the incorrect section on your website.

Make sure you input the code snippet inside the <head> OR <body> sections of your website. Right after the opening <head> or <body> tags are the best place to paste your code.