Installing the cookie consent banner requires inputting code into your website's header. If you use Wordpress, it may be easier to install a plugin that allows you to edit the header content.

Here are steps you can follow to install the cookie code snippet onto your Wordpress site.

1. Install a WordPress plugin that allows you to edit header or body content. In this example, we used a plugin called Insert Headers and Footers.

WordPress admin panel

2. Once the plugin is installed, you should be able to find it on the lefthand-side navigation menu of your WordPress admin panel. Click on Insert Headers and Footers.

WordPress sidebar

3. Copy your Termly consent banner code snippet from your dashboard.

(Do this by clicking Embed Consent Banner from the menu, then clicking Copy To Clipboard - you can click Verify Installation to check if your consent banner has been embedded correctly. )

4. Head back to your Wordpress site and paste the snippet into the Scripts in Header field and click save.

Insert code snippet on WordPress

You should now be able to see the consent banner on your website!