Wix has a dedicated page for inputting code snippets into your header. You can easily implement Termly's cookie consent banner by copying your code and pasting it there. Just follow these steps!

1. Make sure your domain is connected to Wix.

Connect domain on Wix

2. Click on Tracking & Analytics on the lefthand side of the menu, then under + New Tooselect Custom.

Entry to insert custom code on Wix

3. Copy your Termly consent banner code snippet from your dashboard.

(Do this by clicking Embed Consent Banner from the menu, then clicking Copy To Clipboard - you can click Verify to check if your consent banner has been embedded correctly. )

4. Go back to your Wix site and paste the Termly code snippet into the boxes under 'Paste the code snippet here:' area.

Make sure you have All Pages selected and that the code should only load once.

Then select Place code in Body - start

Inert code snippet in body for all pages

5. Click Apply to enable the code snippet.

Custom code enabled for Wix and Termly

You should now be able to see the consent banner on your website!