Squarespace has a built-in function where you can easily input code snippets. In just seconds, you should have your Termly consent banner up and running on your website! Just follow the steps below.

1. On your Squarespace dashboard, click Advanced in the Settings sidebar.

Advanced Settings on Squarespace

2. Click Code Injection.

Code injection on Squarespace

3. Copy the code snippet from your Termly dashboard.

(Do this by clicking Embed Consent Banner from the menu, then clicking Copy To Clipboard - you can click Verify to check if your consent banner has been embedded correctly. Read more about how to Verify Installation)

Copy code snippet from Termly

4. Head back to your Squarespace dashboard and paste the code snippet into the Header section of the Code Injection page.

Insert Termly code snippet on Squarespace

You should now be able to see the consent banner on your website!