How can I set up my cookie consent manager?

If you don't already have an account you can access our Cookie Consent Manager page and follow through the scan and set up. Once the scan is complete, we’ll ask that you review the cookies found and make sure there are no cookies left unclassified. Then, you’ll customize the consent banner that will be presented to your users. Finally, you’ll install the consent banner on your site.

If you have an account with Termly, you can access the cookie consent manager straight from your dashboard. 

1) Under Cookies, click Scan Report. On the page, click Scan Now to begin scanning your website for cookies.


2) Your cookies will be shown in a table and categorized for you. If you have any Unclassified cookies, you may edit their description under the Unclassified tab.


3) Once you are happy with the list of cookies, click Generate Cookie Policy to review your policy.


4) Click the Embed Policy button and either use our public link or snippet to copy your policy over to your website.


Ready to start managing your website's cookies? Visit your Dashboard.